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Allison Carey Executive Coach
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Allison Carey

Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

I am an Executive Coach, working with organizational leaders to enhance emotional intelligence skills. Increased emotional intelligence can have a profound effect not only on one’s own psyche, but also upon the organizational systems that they are a part of. Improved conflict resolution skills, communication skills, employee retention and profitability are just a few of the areas that can be impacted when leaders engage in coaching services with me.

Areas of Expertise

Executive Coaching, Emotional Intelligence Assessment, Systems Models and Theory, Family Systems Models, Organizational Assessment and Growth, Leadership Development, Conflict Resolution, Corporate Relationship Development and Improvement, Stress Reduction, Promoting Diversity.  

My Approach

As a systems thinker, I am continually assessing how larger systems impact the individual and vice versa. Individuals do not exist in isolation, but rather interact continuously with the environment around them. As a coach, I strive to understand how leaders and organizations impact one another and work towards identifying areas of growth that will benefit the overall system.

Client Voices

"Allison brings everything that I need in a coach to the table, and brings more that I didn't know I was looking for. Allison is an amazing teacher and collaborator. She helps me understand where my social, communication and planning skills need to meet in order to be successful in my work. When we discuss a problem, she starts with an understanding of where I am coming from and where I sit with that issue. She gives me advice, and we work through the problem in the most collaborative and supportive manner possible. Allison conducts her coaching with professionalism and seriousness, along with a sense of warmth and openness that has been immensely helpful to me." ~ Sandra

"Allison is an excellent coach and an incredible collaborator. She works to create a tangible plan of action for her clients that results in their DESIRED outcome.
Her strategies and methodologies are amazing. Allison has a strong wealth of knowledge and truly I can not sing her praises enough!!!" ~ Nicole


Contact Me

Allison Carey LLC

63 Emerald Street #102

Keene, NH 03431

(413) 446-3916

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Allison Carey - Executive Coach
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